Advance Multimedia Led Mini Projector SD50 Plus With 1080p


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Led Movie Mini Projector SD50 Plus 1500 Lumen Multimedia

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    Best Home Theater Video LCD Multimedia HDMI Mini Support 1080P TV USB HD LED Projector SD50 plus SD50+


    SD50 plus is a portable LED projector, which can be used in many occasions, such as high definition home theater, private theater, big screen private theater, business presentations, small meetings, multimedia teaching, KTV video entertainment, Nightclubs, Party entertainment etc.


    Compare with popular UC46 and UC40, it’s 1500 lumens brightness and 800*480 ratio provide more colorful and brighter image effect and display quality. It can switch aspect ratio between 16:9 with 4:3 easily. Up to 30,000 hours LED lamp life and lower power consumption.


    Also it can be used as an emergency mobile power bank for you mobile and tablet when the projector is powered on(when the projector has plugged into electricity).


    More important, SD50 plus is new announced with unique mould, no one else have it.  It is a great chance to win this market right now.

    Led Movie Mini Projector SD50 Plus 1500 Lumen Multimedia HDMI VGA SD USB AV For Home Theatre Entertaiment


    1. USB*1, HDMI*1, AV*, SD*1;

    2. 800*480 native resolution;

    *Portable and light weight, convenient to carry and use

    *Simply and effective operation design for convenient and easy operating

    *Easy operation of focusing provides better protection for lens

    *Projector itself has the function of multimedia supporting, it can support format of WAV, AAC, ASF, MP3, AVI, FLV, RMVB,TXT, etc.

    * Have the trapezoid twist function that to normalize the twisted image via digital or optical technology.

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    – SD50plus Mini Projector

    – HDMI
    – Power Cable
    – Remote Control
    – AV Cable
    – User’s Manual (English )


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