HP 32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive – Silver


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HP 32gb USB 2.0 Flash Drive i

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    The HP 32gb USB 2.0 Flash Drive is the ideal computing accessory for transferring and storing documents‎,‎ pictures‎,‎ videos‎,‎ songs and more‎.‎ It comes in a pocket size and has been design to include a key fob which makes it easy to attach to your keychain‎,‎ backpack or carry ons so your files are always within reach‎.‎ Its plug‎-and‎-play functionality makes it an excellent storage device‎.‎ You can easily watch your favourite videos and movies or view your pictures on a large screen using the HP 32gb USB 2.0 Flash Drive‎.‎ The USB connector has a cover that offers maximum protection of the drive‎.‎

    The compact size and stylish design of the HP 32gb USB 2.0 Flash Drive makes it both highly mobile and fashionable‎.‎ It is made from durable materials which ensures it will safely keep all your important files for a long period of time‎.‎ Its 32GB storage capacity means you will have enough storage space for all your documents‎,‎ media files and much more‎.‎ It is very efficient in transferring files and guarantees sound performance at all times‎.‎ The HP 32gb USB 2.0 Flash Drive has a fast transfer speed which makes it the ideal storage solution.

    Key Features
    Mini‎-mobile design
    This tiny USB is perfect for school‎,‎ home‎,‎ or work
    Store‎,‎ transport and share your favorite photos‎,‎ music‎,‎ videos and more
    Included key fob may be used to attach to key chains‎,‎ backpacks‎,‎ carry‎-on‎’‎s‎,‎ etc‎.‎‎,‎ so important files are always within reach


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