Super Mini LED Projector


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Super Mini LED Projector

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    This Mini LED Projector is convenient to carry with a lightweight and portable design. It can switch aspect ratio between 16:9 with 4:3 easily. Up to 50,000 hours LED lamp life and lower power consumption, it also can be charged by vehicle power. RD-802 is widely used for business presentations and education etc.


    1. The professional appearance design brings perfect ventilation and steadier use.
    2. The LED lamp life can be up to 50,000 hours, also display beautiful colors
    3. Multi-function interface: HDMI/SD/USB/VGA/AV/AUDIO OUT/TV
    4. Manual focus adjusting, viewing picture is from 20 to 100inch
    5. Professional trouble shooting and protection measures
    6. Due to small dimension and light weight, easy to carry
    7. Easy switching aspect ratio between 16:9 and 4:3
    8. Low power consumption, ultra quiet isolation
    9. Support charged by the vehicle power


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