Universal 8 Ports USB Hub


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Universal 8 Ports USB Hub

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    The Universal 8 Ports USB Hub is an essential computing accessory that makes it very easy to create several USB outlets to a particular computer. Desktop computers and Laptops come with limited amount of USB ports necessary for connection with several storage devices and other enabled gadgets. The USB hub makes it possible to transfer loads of data between your computer and several other devices at the same time. It has no compatibility issues as it supports up to 127 different USB devices. It features plug and play mode and requires no software to set up.


    The Universal 8 Ports USB Hub comes with 8 USB ports that ensures that you can plug in as much external devices as you want to your computer. It is compatible with all kinds of USB devices like Mobile phones, digital cameras, keyboards, scanners, optical mice, flash drives, external hard drives and many other enabled devices. It is USB powered and does not need any external power source to work. It works fine with a variety of computers as it supports Windows and MAC operating systems platform or any other higher version.

    More Features

    • Model‎:‎ USB HUB 16
    • No of Ports‎:‎ 8
    • Compatibility‎:‎ All USB Devices‎? Scanner‎,‎ Digital Camera‎,‎ Digital Video Camera‎,‎ Keyboards‎,‎ Optical Mice‎,‎ U‎?Disk Etc.
    • Supports Windows and MAC OS Platform or High Version.


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