Wired Thin Client Cloud Computer


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Wired Thin Client Cloud Computer

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    WIN CE 6.0 OS thin client NP-N380

    Model Thin client WIN CE OS NP-N380/N380W
    Specifications Machine, CD and hanging bracket, power supply
    Maximum Users Unlimited
    CPU ARM11 800Hz
    RAM 128MB/256MB
    Audio output Have
    Audio input Have(except remote desktop connection)
    COM TAP Derivable
    Support scanning gun YES
    Support touch screen YES
    Support printer YES
    Power input 5V~2A power 5W
    Communication connection mode Straight-through Twisted Pair
    Communication distance NetworkCable biggest communication valid distance
    Size(mm) 115*115*26
    Support Max resolution 1280*1024or1440*900@32color
    Whether to support the latest system patch support
    WiFi Could external(built-in) connect WiFi
    Support of the operating system win XP/2000/2003/7/vista/2008/linux
    Stand-alone operating system WIN CE 6.0 OS
    Keyboard mouse port USB
    Whether can do secondery development YES
    Whether could do USB upgrade YES
    Whether to support the streaming media Could play under local model



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