Wireless Video Door Phone Camera -2.5 inches


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Wireless Video Door Phone Camera -2.5 inches

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    This system allows the user to answer the visitor at the door or gate through wireless video and audio transmission. It comprises two major innovations, the camera bell and the mobile monitor screen. The camera bell which is waterproof is mounted at the entrance door or at the gate for the visitors to press. The monitor mobile screen is with the host wherever within the compound, inside the house or outside within 200 to 300 meters from the camera bell. Now, when a visitor comes to the entrance door or the gate and presses the camera bell the picture and the video footage is transmitted to the monitor with the host within the compound, the host now sees who is at the door or gate, he decides to answer the visitor or decides not to. If he should decide to answer then he talks with the visitor to allow entry but if he decides not to receive the visitor after the ringing of the bell the picture of the visitor is taken and saved by the camera and stored in the monitor. And in a situation where there is nobody around to answer any visitor the camera takes the picture of the visitor stores or saves it so that whenever the host comes back he or she could go through to see the visitors while he was out. The motion sensor capability also enhances addition security because the camera takes picture of any movement within a range from the camera.
    1. Completely wireless transmission and communication
    2. No installer required, do it yourself.
    3. Waterproof outdoor camera bell
    4. Mobile indoor 2.5 inches monitor
    5. 200 to 300m transmission distance.
    6. Photo taking and storage capability
    7. Night vision flashlight capability
    8. Motion sensor capability
    9. Blue ocean clear color footages
    10. Clear audio reception and transmission, no frequency distortion.

    1. See your visitor to allow or disallow entry especially for unwanted visitors.
    2. Take pictures of visitors for future references especially when host is not around.
    3. Motion sensor capability to take picture of any movement within a distance from the camera as security in case of emergency, etc.
    4. Wireless communication overriding the old system of cabling and trunking to deface the beauty of an original architecture.
    5. Confidence in ordinary damages by rats and cockroches of cables and employment of quack installers for repairs.
    6. Absolute security and surveillance of the areas of the environment of the camera bell due to the camera capability for continous monitoring when there is no activities.
    7. The comfort and convenience of the portable mobile monitor to move at ease within your premises at home or office.

    NOTE: The most important and non optional need in this present world is security. This masterpiece priceless gadget can make your security stand, try not to decide, just go for it because your security and that of your family matters most.


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