BLUE GATE 650KVA Blue Gate UPS – Black


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    BLUE GATE UPS – 650VA- Black will ensure that you get uninterrupted power supply for your computer and other appliances at all times.

    It is the ideal power backup option in events of power outage or power cuts to keep your appliances running.

    This UPS automatically switches over to backup mode whenever there is a power outage; you will not experience any form of interruption of work or entertainment.

    It features lightning and surge protection that will ensure all the appliances connected to it are fully protected.

    It comes with energy saving function and UPS green mode.

    It also works well with generators which means it will charge when the power supply is from a generating set.

    BLUE GATE UPS – 650VA- Black comes equipped with short circuit and overload protection that prevents damage when too much load is attached to it.

    There is a very reliable and an intelligent battery management system for optimal performance.

    It has an energy saving function with UPS green mode which is environmentally friendly and releases no harmful substances into the immediate environment.

    The 650VA UPS has a load capacity for your different home appliances like TV, Home theatre systems and other appliances.

    It will not take up much space in your living room or work area.

    Key Features

    • Lightening and surge protection
    • Short circuit and overload protection
    • Energy saving function with UPS green mode
    • Line Interactive design


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