BLUE GATE Offline UPS – BG1570 – Black


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BLUE GATE Offline UPS – BG1570 – Black

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    Blue Gate Offline UPS will give you uninterrupted power supply anytime you need it.

    It is your perfect backup in the events of power cut to keep your devices running.

    When there is a power outage, this UPS automatically switches over; you won’t experience any form of interaction.

    This offline UPS has a lightning and surge protection that will ensure all the appliances connected to it are fully protected.

    The UPS automatically recharge even if the UPS is off. There are some appliances and devices that needs to work non-stop.

    This UPS will ensure nothing comes between you, your work and fun, not even a power outage.

    Blue Gate Offline UPS has three LED indication for easy understanding.

    There is a fully digitized microprocessor and an intelligent battery management system for optimal performance.

    It has an energy saving function with UPS green mode which is environmentally friendly and releases no harmful substances into the immediate environment.

    The UPS has a load capacity for your different home appliances like TV, Home theater systems and other appliances

    . It is compatible with generators which means it will charge when the power supply is from a generating set.

    All your appliances and the UPS is well protected from short circuit and overload.


    Hightening and surge protection

    Short circuit and overload protection

    Energy saving function with UPS green mode

    Line Interactive design


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