CO2 Fire Extinguisher – 5kg


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    Suitable for both electrical and flammable liquid fires, CO2 is non-damaging to electrical equipment and machinery.

    Supplied with non-conductive discharge horns, these extinguishers are ideal for workshop, industrial and office environments.

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    • Fully CE marked.
    • Manufactured to BS EN3.
    • Fire rating certified by Lloyds Register.
    • Supplied with horn and bracket.
    • Corrosion-resistant finish.
    • Aluminium cylinder.

    CO2 fire extinguishers (carbon dioxide) are the only fire extinguisher recommended for fires involving electrical equipment.

    CO2 is safe to use on and around electrical equipment, as the gas itself is non-conductive,

    and once used, there is no sticky foam or messy powder left behind.

    They are also effective on Class B fires (flammable liquids).

    Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are painted bright red with a black panel above the operating instructions.

    They have a distinctive horn-shaped nozzle at the side on the smaller models with 5kgs and above having a hose and horn.


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