Mercury Elite 650VA UPS


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    Mercury Elite 650VA UPS is a sure way to get reliable and cleaner energy.

    It is your perfect backup in the events of power outage to keep your devices running.

    When there is a power cut, this UPS automatically switches over with zero down time;

    you won’t even notice the changeover.

    There are some appliances and processes that needs to operate non-stop without any form of alteration.

    This UPS will ensure nothing comes between you and work, not even a power outage.

    It has a built-in AVR with wide input range of 140~300VAC for better performance.

    Are you tired of the noise from generating sets?

    This Mercury Elite USB works without any noise; you will sleep sound and work effective without any distraction from noise pollution.

    It is environmentally friendly and releases no harmful substances into the environment;

    there will be no emission of gases and substances that cause greenhouse effect.

    It has an auto restart function that ensure there is no interruption in whatever you are doing.

    The UPS is well protected by an output short circuit protection.

    It has a load capacity for your TV, home theater system and other appliances.

    The UPS is well protected from voltage overload and overcharge, this will ensure you get value for your money.

    Key Features.

    • Built-in AVR with wide input range of 140~300VAC
    • Auto restart function
    • Output short circuit protection
    • Overload protection


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