Universal Chef Portable anti -bacteria Deodorant Shoe Dryer


2,450 3,000

They will stay on as long as they are plugged in, the shoes
dryer use Safe PTC heater, can work 2000 hours
continuously, will not damage footwear, more safe and
reliable,with purple bacterial effect, let users have a fresh
feet, provide users a more comfortable experience
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    Easy to use

    very portable and can be carried about

    Eliminates odor from shoes

    Dries shoes rapidly for use when needed

    Very affordable and long lasting.

    It serves as a footwear heater

    An anti-bacterial dehumidifer

    Fits all sizes of shoes

    it is actual Ultra Violet lamp.

    you don’t need to worry about voltage problems, the shoes dryer are completely

    suitable for 110v power and the shoes dryer and your electrical appliances would not be damaged.

    the Shoes Dryer has constant temperature, so users do not have to tinker around for the right temperature.


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