Network Cable Tester SC8108


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Network Cable Tester SC8108

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    LCD: 4 x 16 characters (visible dimension: 61.6 x 25.2 mm) Application: STP / UTP twin twisted cable, coaxial cable, telephone line  Tester RJ45 master port (M), tester LOOPBACK RJ45 port (L), far-end recognizer RJ45 port (R)  The extra BNC and RJ11 converters are used to measure and check the continuity of coaxial cable and telephone line Length measurement of twin twisted cable: Scope : 1350M (31,200 FT) Calibration accuracy : 3% (± 0.5m or ± 1.5 ft) (calibrating cable > 5 M) Shipment accuracy : 5% (± 0.5m or ± 1.5 ft) (AMP, AT&T Class 5 cable) Display : M or FT Length calibration: User can set calibration factor by himself by a given length cable. The length of calibrating cable is more than 5m. Working temperature: -10°C to 60°C  Powered by 4 AA batteires (NOT included) Dimension: 180 x 80 x 40 mm  1 X Network tester 1 X User manual


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