GSM Table Phone-2 SIM with Fm Radio


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    Imose /GSM) G3 wireless telephone two sim card which adopts advanced technology to design . It can wirelessly connect to GSM mobile communication network directly by wireless method. immediately connect.
    The operation method of this product is just like the normal wired telephone. It is the best choice for wireless communications.




    · + TD-SCDMA and GSM seamless switching.


    · + Realtime signal strength display, real electricity and real capacity display.


    · + Write, send and receive messages functions.


    · + Language Chinese and English.


    · + Alarm clock function.


    · + Caller identification display, call recorder, handfree calls.


    · + Call timing, call book function.


    · + Support USIM / SIM card and fixed station call book backup function.


    · + Settings network type, phone setup, display settings, call settings.


    · + Contextual modelnormal mode, silent mode, outdoor mode.


    · + Emergency call function Attention in case of emergency, you can use this telephone to call.




    Receiving and sending messages
    SIM card and fixed platform supports phonebook between backup function
    5 families a key dial-up keys
    64 chord bell
    Support 1800MHz/GSM 900
    Support handle or hands-free conversations
    Support the emergency call business
    Standard TNC antenna and contians indoor antennas,
    Support receiving and sending short messages
    Support 10 kinds of 64 chord phone ring


    Main function
    High quality speech
    Hands-free conversations
    Call records
    Emergency calls
    Short message
    Telephone thin management
    64 and Xuan phone ring
    5 families a key dial-up keys
    The external antenna interface standards

    More details:
    1) apply to networks GSM 900/1800MHZ and TD-SCDMA 2010/2025MHz.
    2) may call the local telephone, domestic long distance, international long-distance, mobile, IP Internet telephony.
    3) to provide anti-polarity signal, with the meter, if used in public accounting.
    4) standard bell stream / feed interface and a variety of switches can be adaptive.
    5) can be set to the local area code, users dial a local call dial the area code when you do not have to.
    6) Caller ID function.


    a. receive, send text messages
    b. support USIM / SIM card and phone book backup feature between the fixed station
    c. 5 families members of the one-touch dial key, a “Happy Online” button
    d. 64 polyphonic ringtones
    e. support for networks GSM 900/1800MHZ and TD-SCDMA 2010/2025MHz
    f. support handle or hands-free calls
    g. support emergency call service
    h. a standard TNC antenna interface can be connected to indoor antennas;
    i. support to receive and send short message
    j. support for 10 polyphonic ringing tone options 64 five family members, one-touch dial key, a “Happy Online” button


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