8GB Spy Camera Watch With Video Recorder.


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    Built-In 8GB Flash Memory Records Hours of Footage

    The flash memory in this watch has 8GB which allows you to record hours and hours worth of video and audio. This stainless steel watch will not miss your moment of truth because of a lack of space. If all of this amazing technology sounds easy to break, know that this steel watch is water proof up to 3 meters deep.

    Night Vision Spy Watch Records Up To 3 Hours On A Single Charge

    You may be worried about how long a small battery like the one that goes in this watch can last, it does have to power an HD camera after all. This battery actually has the ability to last continuous recording of 2-3 hours of beautiful 1080p video and crystal clear audio before needing a recharge. Not only that but it has infrared technology that gives the camera night vision in the dark.

    Take High Resolution Snapshots w/ 90 Degree Viewing Angle

    Image resolution up to 4032 x 3024 pixels will give you a extra large snapshot image that will allow you to see the crispest details complete covertly. Once the camera is enabled, simply press the button to take a snapshot covertly, even in complete darkness..

    Crisp HD Video and Audio Recording

    With AVI format video resolution up 1920 x 1080 @ 30fps, you will have the highest quality and the crispest details for all video that you are recording, perfectly synched with audio.

    With the Spy Watch you can:


    • Launch your own private investigation
    • Catch thieves and shoplifters in the act
    • Protect yourself from “he said-she said” situations with video proof
    • Record footage at night or underwater


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