Spy Rear View Eyeglass Monitor


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Spy Rear View Eyeglass Monitor

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    This glasses look like an ordinary pair of sun glasses. Yet they have a unique feature. you can see behind you. The lenses on these glasses have a special coating that allows you to look straight ahead and still see what is going on behind you. Stylish and great for walking and biking. You won’t need to turn your head to see if a car is coming. It’ll be like you have a rear view mirror with you. Have you ever thought you were being followed? Now, no one can sneak up behind you. These sun glasses make a great novelty gift!

    High-tech anti-UV coating Glasses lens, the wearer may not have to go back and can find a tracker from the corner of the eye.

    This product can be used for other purposes, such as the public security organs monitor criminal suspects, the wearing of the glasses can significantly increase the hidden nature of the monitor, reduce the possibility of criminal suspects.

    General ant-UV sunglasses.


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