Under Vehicle Search Mirror – Round Type


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    This product‎’‎s handle extends from 42‎”‎ to 51‎”‎‎.
    Equipped with adjustable swivel for infinite adjustment Has a heavy‎-duty extruded rubber rim to help prevent damaging objects when maneuvering Full range of motion with effortless maneuvering‎.‎
    Applications:Be used to detect vehicles , machine , warehouse, school ,and factory equipment where can not be detect easily,
    It can be used in airport security, parking detecting , Military range check , and private vehicles detecting.
    And our models have been used in large sports meeting , important meeting, police ,famous hotels, factorys etc.
    Place your order now for original Universal Under Vehicle Search Mirror device – Round type, on Konga at best price in Nigeria.
    Key Features
    • Lightweight with adjustable handle
    • Low 3.5‎”‎ ground clearance
    • For indoor or outdoor usage
    • Scratch resist


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