Advance Media 16GB OTG Phone & PC USB Flashdrive


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Advance Media 16GB OTG USB Flashdrive

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    Product Description

    Advance OTG USB Flashdrive is convinient and fast in connecting not only the traditional computer (Desktop and Laptop) but also give great value in connecting your mobile devices (Smartphones and Tablets) with the USB On-The-Go functionality. that is performing DUAL FUNCTION.

    Also with the standard USB port facilitating data transfer from your computer to your mobile device… enabling you to free-up your phone or computer memory for other uses and you carry your data with you.

    • Support USB On-The-Go functionality
    • Expand storage for Tablet and Smartphones
    • Easy transfer of File (Photo, Video, Doc)
    • Great portability
    • High Speed Controller compatible with USB 2.0
    • Automatic Recognition PLUG and PLAY
    • Support Windows/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Linux
    • Compatible with Mac OS
    • Metal Steel Frame


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